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Everything you should know About R Reckless Driving vs DUI

Reckless driving has its consequences and most of us know about them. People are aware of the dangers of reckless driving but most of them seem not to care about the effects of reckless driving. If you drive aggressively or under substance influence, then you are driving recklessly. Apart from you becoming a victim of dangerous driving maybe by going to prison, you might cause fatalities.
Whether you own a car or not, you should be aware of the reckless driving vs DUI rules to know what is expected of you and what to do when you are a victim of reckless driving. Important things to note from reckless driving vs DUI law are the consequences of reckless driving, what constitutes driving recklessly and what one should do is they become victims of people driving carelessly. Reckless driving vs DUI laws refers to DUI as taking intoxicants before you drive.

People who are found to drive under influence attracts offense charges which lead to fewer consequences, but reckless driving can cost you a lot. People with poor driving etiquette might also find themselves on the wrong side of the law. A common type of reckless driving behavior is tailgating, and most people are victim of the same.

People who ignore road signs such as a STOP sign are reckless drivers. Also, it is unacceptable to weave in and out of traffic as this is reckless driving that can be termed as an offense and hence should be punished under reckless driving vs DUI law. Driving over the recommended speed is also reckless driving. Over speeding is one of the major causes of fatal accidents that claim lives all over the world. Another form of reckless driving is changing lanes without signaling.
Drowsy driving is another form of driving recklessly and should be avoided as it can also cause accidents. As a driver, you should ignore any form of destruction such as messaging while driving. If possible, use the call technology incorporated in most cars that will prevent you from losing focus while driving.

DUI influence can lead to reckless driving which in turn cause damages to people’s lives, we should therefore, work to prevent it. You can do this by reporting reckless drivers or if you are a victim, hire a lawyer who will pursue charges against the reckless driver. If you follow the driving laws and encourage others to do so, we will have no incidences of reckless driving.
You can start or perfect your good driving etiquette by finding content on the same which constitute reading and understanding the driving laws.
You can still make the best out of your car by following the stipulated laws which are meant to protect you and other road users.